The 2009 Baldwin-Wallace College women’s spring golf team is looking to improve on its 2008 fall season and build on a third-place finish at last year’s Ohio Athletic Conference Championship Tournament.The Yellow Jackets are led by Head Coach Sean Strickland, who is in his first season as women’s golf coach and assistant women’s basketball coach.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi, everyone!! I can't believe our fall season is almost over!!! This is starting to make me feel old... before I know it, I'lll be a SENIOR... ahhh! =0! Anyways, this weekend is our last fall tourney at Gannon. I have high hopes of breaking my career-low (or around it at least). These past few weekends have been on some rough courses. Like Caci said, this past weekend was soooo weird. I shot a 59 on the back and a 47 on the front... YIKES!! But needless to say, we've been having oodles of fun! haha. Between Caci's hair looking so good 24/7, Coach saying "oh ma gawd", Sam's hedgehog and getting "warnings" by Coach Taryn... we've been having a blast. We're really growing as a team and everyone is learning each week on things that need improvement. For having such a young team that we do, we've started to learn and grow very quickly which I think is going to prepare us big time for the spring. In the meantime, we are practicing for this weekend. We'll be going to Erie, PA and I think we're having dinner at Em's!! That should be pretty cool. Speaking of Em, happy almost birthday (her birthday is tomorrow)!! :) Today we're off to the driving range since it's winter conditions outside (which I LOVE by the way... SIKE). Hoooopefully it will be nice for us this weekend! I don't want to play in the snow just YET haha. My teachers also love making everything due at once soooo I guess I'll probably move into the library within the next day or two... that should be fun. Well, I'm off to hit the books. Come out and watch us this weekend - we'll be coming in HOT!! :)
Peace out girl scouts!
Rebecca its fall season is almost over not spring... lol .. Anyways this weekend was tons of fun! Even though i didnt play as well as i had hoped. The course was crazy. the one side was like super easy and the other side was constructed by another person so it was full of hills and dog legs and just lots of crap that didnt need to be there. sat we ate at the golfcourse and the food was sooooo good. then we went to the AMAZING hotel and brought our bathing suits with hopes of going in the hot tub but they didnt have one :(. So nicole emily and i decided to take a nap. After that we ate some pizza, watched some u tube and went to sleep. Emily and i figured that once again nicole would set her alarm but her alarm snooze button is broken or something so instead of waking up at 7 we got up at 740 with the van leaving at 8.... :0 . for the second overnight trip in a row. So for the past 2 days the weather has completely sucked so practice is at the range today!! To bad teachers are giving us a lot of work and exams... my days are full to the max... lol ... ttyl

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Weekend <3

So we have had two fun weekends away at golf tournaments!!!! This weekend we were at Heidelberg and last weekend we were at JCU and Muskingum. I really am proud of the team and the 1st and 2nd place wins that we just pulled off and I know that we will continue to do well.  If there has been one thing that I have learned from playing golf in college is that you cannot let one bad hole ruin a round.  Coach tells me this AT LEAST once a day! Being on the road with the team has been soooo much fun! You never know what could happen with the seven of us traveling in big red and staying in the LUXURIOUS Hampton hotel for a night.  In big red there is Caci and Emily sleeping in the back, Nicole and I rocking out to “Party in the U.S.A” and “She Wolf” in the middle, Brooke and Sarah repin’ in the first row, and coach and Sam guiding us in the front. “Oh Mah Gawd” (lol) traveling with the team is amazing and I am so sad that we only have one more weekend until the spring season is over :(


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Par 3 of Death and More!

Hey, everyone!! So, our fall golf season actually has only 2 more weeks left... I can't believe it! At our 1st tournament this fall (the B-W invite), there was a par 3 which we had to play. We nicknamed this hole the "par 3 of death" because there are woods to the right, a creek in front of the green, a huge tree to the left and a massive tree to the right. Basically, you have to hit the ultimate perfect shot to make it through the small space of trees and hit it long enough to stay on or behind the green. This hole didn't treat me as bad during the tournament as it did in previous practice rounds where I would lose close to 4 balls total... on just that hole. On Saturday of the tournament, my ball was RIGHT on the edge of the hazard so I had some serious luck!! And then the next day I hooked it waaaay left so that was ugly. It will always be a horrible hole. This past weekend we played at John Carroll on Saturday and Sunday and then played at Muskingum on Monday! The JCU course is pretty tough to play but I'm sure we'll get some more practice in there before our OACs are held there in the spring! On Monday, we WON our 1st tourney in quite a few years!! That was awesome!! :) We are continuing practice this week and play up at Heidelburg this weekend. Sleepovers are the best so we're all really excited (just as long as it's not a murder motel haha!)!! GO B-W GOLF!! WOOO! :)
PS- Note to Caci: 10+ Tums is straight poison... just thought you should know! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let me just explain this pic... i was trying to 
talk to nicole but she just thought she would be
 a smart butt and take a picture of me... 
Thats all i got to say

Team Pic : sam,brooke,nicole,cacisarahrebecca,raeanne and emily...

why i never listen to coaches...

so the par 3 of death... i was actually playing really well for half the day on saturday until i came to the par 3 of death... and let me tell you that hole ate 2 of my balls.. one in the trees to the right and one in the water so i think i ended up tripling that hole and the rest of my golf game went down hill fast... anyways thats not the exciting part.. on sunday i hit the ball ( an amazing shot i must say) well it went right into the water in front of the green.. technically it wasnt a hazard so i could hit out of it. the mount union coach advised me that it prolly wasnt the best idea to hit out of it cuz my ball was on a totally verticle lie. but i said " WATCH ME". so i got down into the muddy crap and hit the ball onto the green bringing up the biggest chunk of mud ever seen in my life.... but hey it was worth seeing that coaches face when i proved to him i could do it. anyways i pard the hole in the end!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



soooo we have had a couple practices so far and they have already been eventful.....on friday we were playing with hearing and seeing lightning and thunder every 2 seconds. I saw the lightning first and everyone though I was just going crazy lol! Coach insisted that we were okay because the siren never went off. however we found out on probably the fourth hole that there was a tornado watch a couple miles away, we finally made the decision to get out of there so we packed 6 people onto 1 golf cart and i freaked out the entire way back to the car hahahaha but everything turned out okay. We have also had our team pictures in our sharp new golf shirts and matching shoes. So far i have had soososos much fun with all of the girls and i love everyone! I have a feeling that the rest of the season is going to be really fun and wild!!


Blood Thirsty Branches

First, I wanted to say congrats to the whole team on doing a good job at the tournament! I think we're off to a good start and can only get better. It's gonna be a good year.

So..there's this one hole in Creekwood that we have dubbed the Par 3 of DEATH!! Lol. XD But anyway, it is my duty to tell you my experience on it. I'm sure you'll find it entertaining.

Day one of the tournament and I got off to a good start and I'm just going along until I get to the Par 3of DEATH. I hit my first ball, which goes right and into the woods. So I hit a provisional which ends up just off the back of the green. I'm thinking that that's okay. I'll just shoot for double, because that's all I could get with a chip and one putt.

So we go over and start looking for my ball. Which we find. Not out of bounds. Which would have been perfectly fine with me. But it is down in this ditch right by a tree root. And I get to hit it out. So I'm like okay. Let's try this. Then...CRACK! My club hits the root and I don't see where the ball goes. (The next day, the girl I was playing with thought I broke my wrist when I hit the root. Lol.) But then I hear it bounce on the cart path behind me and see it bounce further into the woods. Great.

So my ball is further in the woods surrounded by a ton of branches. Small, very sharp branches. I wedge my way into them and try to uncover my ball by throwing the branches aside, and I finally got it somewhat cleared away. So I try a practice swing. I can't take the club straight back. I can only pick up up and basically karate chop the ball. And to my amazement, this works, and the ball pops out into the middle of the fairway, safely.

I chipped the ball up and to my excitement, one putted. I got away with my double in a very odd fashion.

But the best part of the story is when I looked at my legs. Four scratches on my legs from the branches that actually drew blood! Yup. The Par 3 of DEATH is really blood thirsty. And it got me. Oh well. The next day I parred and was happy. So I got back at it.

Alright. You've heard my experience. Good luck. I really think they should put a sign over there that says "Abandon all hope ye who play this hole."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tournament One

Wow. This is pretty crazy. First college tournament. I'm pretty nervous. All this college stuff isn't too bad, it just seems to get thrown at you all at once. It's a lot of learning how to manage your time and figure out what you need to do when. I'm currently working on two papers (this is my cool down time before go back to work) and an exam, all next week. It's pretty crazy. But I'm so thankful that golf doesn't take up obscene amounts of time. Even though my schedule seems pretty tight, I actually have a lot of time to do my work, which is essential to my sanity.

See...I'm nervous and so excited tho. I'm excited to jump into the college golf world. It's great. I want to do well but still make friends. I think that's very possible, especially with the girls on the team. The team is so nice and I think we're ready to take this challenge on. I look forward to tomorrow and to see how well we're going to do.

Go Jackets!

It's Golf Season :)

Hi, everyone! :) Our golf season is in full gear! TOMORROW (wow, I can't believe it) is our first tournament! It's the 2-day invitational held by us at Creekwood golf course. We've been practicing for a little over 2 weeks now as a team. Our team is really coming together. We have a strong group of girls and I think we're ready for this weekend. It's going to be a big tournament for us and we're really looking forward to it! We've shared some memorable moments together since golf season started up - we survived a tornado while on the golf course... but no big deal or anything. Haha just kidding! We've never been so scared in our lives but it was kind of funny now that we look back on it! Caci and I went out for a practice round yesterday and hit close to 5 balls each on a par 3... aka the par 3 of death. We had a lot of fun though and got in some good practice as to what clubs to use where etc etc. We've been doing some different practice methods which seem to be working and helping us pretty well (thanks, Coach!). We have practice today which is going to get us pumped up for tomorrow and Sunday! This is what we've been waiting for so let's go get 'em, ladies!! :) Goodluck to everyone!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The First Week

Ok so I can't even begin to explain how nervous I was for the first week of golf!! Never playing on a girls team before and finally having true competition was overwhelming for me.  I don't know why I was ever so scared!! The BW womens golf team is AMAZING. Nicole, Caci, and Sam are the most welcoming upperclassmen ever and the five new freshman really seem to click! Also, coach is always there supporting us whether we hit the best or the worst shot of our round.  

I can honestly say that even though one week has passed....we DEFINITELY have made some great memories so far.  Everyday that we practiced last week the sky looked awful and we would ask coach if it was going to rain.  He would respond NO and tell us it was going the other direction.  So finally on Friday we were going out to play at Creekwood and once again the sky did not look promising, but coach reassured us that the storm was not going to hit.  After playing about 4 and a half holes and the sky turning darker every minute, coach calmly stated that after we putted we should hop into the cart because we were going in.  All of us SCARED to death, we asked coach what was wrong and he would NOT tell us! Finally, as we were back to the van the thunder and lightening was louder and more visible than before.  After the loudest strike Nicole threw her clubs into the van and jumped over three rows of seats to ensure her safety! As we began to drive back coach told us that there was a tornado warning in the Berea area!  About twenty minutes later we were finally back at BW and in the safety of our dorms. With only one week done I can tell this is going to be a great season!! :)


P.S- I would like to thank Mrs. Strickland for calling coach and telling us about the tornado warning!