The 2009 Baldwin-Wallace College women’s spring golf team is looking to improve on its 2008 fall season and build on a third-place finish at last year’s Ohio Athletic Conference Championship Tournament.The Yellow Jackets are led by Head Coach Sean Strickland, who is in his first season as women’s golf coach and assistant women’s basketball coach.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm finally blogging :)

So first off I'd like to apologize to all the avid blog readers who have been long awaiting my blog post, and I'd like to promise them that I will be more faithful about blogging the the future :) Anyways, since I hadn't blogged yet, I'll give a season overview...So we started practice pretty much right away as soon as school started up, and we had our first tournament a few weeks later. Our first tournament was our jacket invitational which we played a creekwood. Creekwood was an interesting course to say the least...there was this one par 3...the par 3 of death which is documented earlier in the blog. Then from then on out we had a tournament every weekend for about the next 4 weeks. We had a super fun season! On the road, in the van, and on the course, where ever we were, we had fun together. The switch from high school golf to college golf was a struggle for me this season. I had been used to all 9 hole matches from the women's tee, not 2 day 18 hole tournaments played from then men's tee. So that was a hard adjustment I had to make this fall which caused me to shoot high scores then I was used to getting in high school. But I have high hopes for the spring season, and I can't wait to be back out on the course with the team! :)

-Sarah T.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leaves are falling, but spring is soon to come

This is the last weekend of the fall season. Wow. It's gone by so fast. Before I get all nostalgic, I'll tell you about the past couple weekends.

They have been a blast. The Heildelburg tournament wasn't too bad. The weather was kind of questionable and it was pretty cold in the mornings, but nothing too hard to handle. We're golfers. Come on. We can do anything.

Include survive coach's daughter in the swimming pool (in which Sam wore a bra. Thank God). Taryn is a little bundle of energy. Rebecca was yelling at me because I would let her win during pickle in the middle. Yes, Sam. PICKLE in the middle. Not monkey. But she was a lot of fun when she wasn't splashing water in my face and doing cannonballs right next to me. Like I said. Bundle of energy.

But aside from that, I've really started to enjoy our long car rides and hotel stays. They're actually a lot of fun, especially when we're in the middle of nowhere and we see goats chained up in people's front yards. We must note that that will probably be Caci in a few years.

I'm looking forward to this weekend and playing over in Erie despite the cold weather and craziness that that will be.

But now I must go off to do homework before practice. I have a fiction paper, english questions, and religion questions due tomorrow. Good stuff. And I'm going to see the Naked Plays tonight! Yay!

And....last but definitely not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!