The 2009 Baldwin-Wallace College women’s spring golf team is looking to improve on its 2008 fall season and build on a third-place finish at last year’s Ohio Athletic Conference Championship Tournament.The Yellow Jackets are led by Head Coach Sean Strickland, who is in his first season as women’s golf coach and assistant women’s basketball coach.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi, everyone!! I can't believe our fall season is almost over!!! This is starting to make me feel old... before I know it, I'lll be a SENIOR... ahhh! =0! Anyways, this weekend is our last fall tourney at Gannon. I have high hopes of breaking my career-low (or around it at least). These past few weekends have been on some rough courses. Like Caci said, this past weekend was soooo weird. I shot a 59 on the back and a 47 on the front... YIKES!! But needless to say, we've been having oodles of fun! haha. Between Caci's hair looking so good 24/7, Coach saying "oh ma gawd", Sam's hedgehog and getting "warnings" by Coach Taryn... we've been having a blast. We're really growing as a team and everyone is learning each week on things that need improvement. For having such a young team that we do, we've started to learn and grow very quickly which I think is going to prepare us big time for the spring. In the meantime, we are practicing for this weekend. We'll be going to Erie, PA and I think we're having dinner at Em's!! That should be pretty cool. Speaking of Em, happy almost birthday (her birthday is tomorrow)!! :) Today we're off to the driving range since it's winter conditions outside (which I LOVE by the way... SIKE). Hoooopefully it will be nice for us this weekend! I don't want to play in the snow just YET haha. My teachers also love making everything due at once soooo I guess I'll probably move into the library within the next day or two... that should be fun. Well, I'm off to hit the books. Come out and watch us this weekend - we'll be coming in HOT!! :)
Peace out girl scouts!